The Black Experience is a course specifically designed to create greater understanding of different communities, in particular the Black and Mixed-Race community in the UK.

An interactive training course utilising multimedia and discussion groups, in a safe, open and honest environment, The Black Experience has had rave reviews from those who have attended. The course has been delivered within the public sector to the police, NHS, education including primary, secondary and universities, alongside private companies; with them all having the common intention of creating greater awareness of the challenges faced by people of African-Caribbean descent in the UK.

Taking people through the recent history of Black people in the UK starting in the 1940's, The Black Experience takes a decade by decade journey through history arriving at current times to nurture a greater understanding of different communities.

The course is catered for different age groups with adults being a challenging course that is hard hitting, yet extremely liberating for people to discuss matters freely that they have often felt too uncomfortable to discuss.

Please contact us for further details and a small sample of the course can be found at the below link:

The Black Experience - Example Sample

Lancashire Constabulary

 "When speaking to colleagues who attended the workshop, it was clear that they all found it eye-opening and a big step towards understanding our Black communities.” 

PC Haroon Vorajee
Neighbourhood Officer

 “Some of the things in the presentation had a real shock factor that I think hits home how badly the Black community has been treated.” 

Participant Feedback
Police Officer - Lancashire Constabulary

 “It gave an insight into how history has shaped perceptions, culture and behaviour of both Black and White people in society and within the police.” 

Participant Feedback
Police Officer - Lancashire Constabulary

Rozila Kana

Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Lancashire Constabulary

“Our communities should be seen as part of the solution – it is important that programmes such as these are led and delivered by the communities themselves. Lack of or failure of engagement with our minority ethnic communities are legacy issues and this initiative should be seen as the start of the roadmap that leads us to better relationships and understanding.”