Windrush Initiatives CIC recognises the disparity in economics, employment, health, education, housing, judicial process and empowerment within the political process experienced by Black and Mixed Race people within the UK, but specifically our Community in Preston and surrounding areas.

Windrush Initiatives was created to tackle this disparity. Through education, community cohesion, advocacy, training, confidence building, raising awareness, alongside providing resources and delivering bespoke projects, Windrush Initiatives engages with its target service users and the wider community to reduce disparities compared to the wider community.

Windrush Initiatives CIC was founded by its Managing Director Adrian Murrell, who has worked within the community and youth work for 40 years. Harnessing a team of passionate volunteers and directors, the Windrush Initiatives Team believes in tackling the disparities from within the community and doing it for ourselves.

Preston's African-Caribbean community is diverse, being the most integrated community in the UK our family has grown with many Mixed-Race community members alongside their White and Asian family members, all requiring support and services which Windrush Initiatives provides. We believe in strong communities, who can empower themselves to make positive changes for the betterment of all.

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